How does it work?


Register as a buyer or seller

- Fill all of the requested information.


Activate your account

- You will receive an email with a link, which you must click to confirm your account.


If you want to sell, create a sales publication

- Fill all of the requested information.
- Your publication will be reviewed by the Pecan Marketplace team.
- You will receive an email when your publication is approved or rejected.


If you want to buy, make an offer

- Go to the BUY section to see all available sales publications
- Select the publication for which you want to make an offer
- Then fill in all the relevant information to place the bid.
- The seller will have 12 hours to accept or reject your offer.


Accept/Reject offers

- As a seller, you will receive an email for each offer that you receive.
- Remember that you have 12 hours to accept or reject the offers.
- In case of accepting the offer, the Pecan Marketplace team will contact both parties to review all the details of the transaction.

About us


As an organization, we seek to connect all the pecan growers with all the big buyers worldwide to have a fair market and avoid the intermediaries involved.


Our mission is to provide an online platform to producers and pecan nuts processing plants worldwide, where they will have access to thousands of buyers and sellers.


Be the world's leading platform for buying and selling pecan nuts. All of this, through a first level platform, with an excellent service of attention, directing our efforts to the satisfaction of the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that the other party involved will not commit fraud?
All transactions are made through us, so we follow a very rigorous investigation procedure on the involved parties to avoid any problem.
What is the cost of using the Pecan Marketplace platform?
There is no cost for registering, browse the platform and post publications or offers.

The seller is charged only 0.5% of commission for each successful transaction.
What is the minimum number of kilograms or tons per transaction?
10 tons.
How does the payment work?
Everything is done through Pecan Marketplace, the buyer pays to Pecan Marketplace and we transfer the total amount minus the commission to the seller.
What are the payment methods that are accepted?
Wire transfer
Can a transaction be done in euros, mexican pesos or any other currency?
No, all transactions can only be done in US Dollars.
What does the purchase price include?
Includes all costs involved like the shipment.
Information about the commission.
A commission of 0.5% is charged on the total of the transaction, which includes the transport, the purchase price and other costs involved.
What happens if the buyer/seller withdraws from an already accepted transaction?
The commission of 0.5% of the transaction will be charged to the party that canceled the transaction.
Is it possible to place a bid for less than the amount offered by the seller?
No, only for the full amount offered by the seller.
What documents are needed per transaction?
We will talk to the seller and we will explain which documents are needed for the transaction:
1. Weight sheet
2. Phytosanitary guide
3. Shipping report
I can´t find the answer to my question, what should I do?
We have a live chat in which you can contact one of our staff members.